Class 2 Shingles

Details About Our Tamko Heritage Shingles For Residential Homes

Finding the right shingles for your roof is crucial because roofs are an essential part of your home. At SYL Roofing Supply, we tell you about our class 2 shingles and all of the ways they can benefit your home. Our tamko heritage shingles are one of the best kinds of shingles out there, which is why we tell you all of the information that we do about them. You want to make sure that your shingles can resist all kinds of elements, such as UV rays, wind, rain, or snow, depending on what kind of climate you live in. 


Shingles are perfect for residential homes as long as you choose ones that are high quality like ours. Installing shingles on your roof that are not top-quality might lead to a lot of issues such as cracks, shingles falling off, and other problems that you will have to spend time and money fixing. Luckily, you can be certain that our class 2 shingles will hold up no matter what. We offer the best shingles in Tampa and Orlando!

Details About Tamko Heritage Shingles

You probably want to know more details about class 2 shingles so you can gain a better understanding of why they are some of the best shingles to choose for your roof. They have been proven as very durable and as a high-class by a laboratory! These shingles have also gone through various tests to determine how much stress they can handle against the elements and anything else that comes their way on your roof. One of these tests include smacking them with balls made out of steel at ninety miles an hour, and they did not face any damages. Class 2 singles are perfect for those living in the sunshine state because they will not face any extreme elements, such as snow or hail. However, they will face rain, wind, and UV rays quite often, which they can certainly handle compared to a steel ball being thrown at them. We want to make sure that our shingles can truly withstand the worst conditions, which is why we perform extreme testing.

What Other Types Of Roofs Do We Handle?

Many people often wonder what the differences are between roofing materials such as type 4 and shingles like class 2. Roofing materials are usually meant for large commercial buildings because they are made with many layers that are fused. Shingles, on the other hand, are nailed onto the foundation of your roof and are perfect for steep slopes rather than curved buildings. That is why shingles are perfect for residential homes.

Choose A Reliable Team

Even if you choose the best shingles on the market, they have to be installed properly to work well. That is why you should choose a reliable team like us to install your class 2 shingles! We have the experience and knowledge that it takes to install your shingles. We work diligently and efficiently to make sure that your shingles are intact and that we do not miss a beat.

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SYL Roofing Supply loves sharing information about tamko heritage shingles, so you can feel inspired to install them if you are currently looking for a new roof. You cannot go wrong with class 2 shingles because they are truly perfect for any residential home in Tampa and Orlando. Contact us today for more information!

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