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Roof Drip Edge Essentials

Many homeowners do not see roof drip edges (DE) as something important. Yet, almost every home features these drip edges. In areas where severe storms are prevalent, it is normal to see many houses with drip edges. While many overlook this essential feature, it is important to pay attention to it when building or renovating your home.

At SYL Roofing Supply, we are ready to give your homes in Tampa or Orlando the best drip edges. Our services are highly affordable and carry the top-quality you desire. Our experts see to it that your home gets detailed services that keep your home secured irrespective of the effect of heavy wind or storm. Let’s explore some essential details about DE.

An introduction to roof drip edge

DE feature materials that do not get discolored or wear away quickly. These materials are attached to the edge of a roof. The function is to help drive water from the roof. The sparkling metal, which is situated on the border of the roof.

The DE construction process often features a defined tilting. The use ensures that water is channeled away from the roof and that the roof’s base is protected. They are designed to improve the safety of your roof and house.

There are different types of drip edges. You can use the hemmed DE, which features a metal and standing seam roofing design. This design prevents water from moving upward on your roof.

The L-DE is another design that is often used on low incline roofs. They are often placed on the roof’s deck and above the board.

What is the best location for drip edges?

DE are best placed on top of the external roof cover. Experts often place them between the fascia board and the sheathings. As such, your roof will have a drainage gap between the drip edge and the fascia board.

The drainage gap is beneficial and essential for your roof. It helps enhance the flow of water and prevents issues of water damage on your roof.

What are the benefits of drip edges?

DE on your roof helps improve and preserve the unique appearance of your roof. These edges also help deliver a protective shield for your roofing system.

If done correctly, it will prevent insects and pests from gaining access to your home through the space that often exists between the board and the roof’s deck.

Roof shingle damage is a serious issue that can result in permanent damage to your roof. DE helps prevent issues of roof shingles due to storms or water damage.

During a serious rainstorm, DE ensures that the edges of your roof’s deck are adequately protected from water.

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