Drip-Edge & Metal Roofing Components

An introduction to roof drip edge

DE feature materials that do not get discolored or wear away quickly. These materials are attached to the edge of a roof. The function is to help drive water from the roof. The sparkling metal, which is situated on the border of the roof.If done correctly, it will prevent insects and pests from gaining access to your home through the space that often exists between the board and the roof’s deck.
Roof shingle damage is a serious issue that can result in permanent damage to your roof. DE helps prevent issues of roof shingles due to storms or water damage.
During a serious rainstorm, DE ensures that the edges of your roof’s deck are adequately protected from water.

L flashing

L-Flashing protects your home from moisture infiltration where your wall meets your roof. L Flashing Metal Should be nailed to the sidewall, not the roof deck. This avoids making holes in the roof deck and allows the flashing to move with your house.

Valley Metal

A metal valley is a pre-bent roof material that protects vulnerable areas of your roof prone to water damage or leaking. The proper way to install a metal valley is on top of an ice and water shield, creating an effective passageway for rainwater into your gutter and keeping your roof dry and well-protected.

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