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Do you need suitable lumber to make your next project successful? Then, we’ve got what you need! Servicing Tampa & Orlando, SYL Roofing Supply has varying seasoned woods and supplies for a complete renovation. We are delighted to turn your blueprint into a marvelous and jaw-dropping reality. So whether you are planning on constructing a shed, adding a room, expanding your garage, adding a closet, siding a wall, designing a play structure, or any other building project, we’ll get you the suitable lumber from the start to the end.

We Have The Best Selection Of Lumber

We know it can be daunting to select the correct type of lumber for your project. But with us, it doesn’t have to be a complex thing. Not even as complex as the grading rules.  We’ll guide you to choose the grades of lumber that are needed for your project. When you are thinking about the correct type of plywood to use, we already have the guide to empower you. The three types of framing and sanded plywood that is open to you are:

  • Structural Plywood
  • Sanded Plywood
  • Oriented Strand Board

Each of these panels has varying characteristics for appearance and strength. But most importantly, they have the same grading rule from the APA (American Plywood Association). The grade does tell you the type of quality you are getting for your project. So, in a simple term, the higher the grade, the better and fitting it will be for your panel.


The Best Selection Of Oriented Strand Board To Choose From

OSB is versatile structural panels we recommend for most clients planning a building construction. They are manufactured from nicely shaped wood strands and waterproof heat-cured adhesives that are carefully lined in cross-oriented layers. Oriented Strand Board is an engineered wood panel that has identical performance and strength with plywood. Being the combination of adhesives and wood creates solid and stable panels that can resist warping, delamination, and deflection. When subjected to seismic conditions and tough winds, they do not distort or crack. Impressively, they are easy to handle, light, and easy to install. They have no laps, voids, or gaps. So, they are leak-proof and soundproof. The OSB we supply is suitable for various applications. You can use it for roof sheathing, single-layer flooring, furniture, structural insulated panels, walls, mezzanine decks, sheathing ceiling, and industrial containers. We have different panel performance categories and panel sizes. We will choose the one that best fits your project.

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We are one of the leading roofing material suppliers you can find in Central Florida. We offer a wide array of high-quality OSB and other building materials. In addition, we give our customers and potential customers exceptional professional services at a budget-friendly price. Are you an architect, building owner, or general contractor? We have all you need to reach your project goals and ultimately attain success.

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At SYL Roofing Supply, we have the experience and materials to make your project a success. Servicing Tampa & Orlando, we treat every customer with maximum respect and offer the best products. Want the right lumber and building materials for your next project? contact us today!

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