Learn About The Essentials That Go Into Metal Roofing Processes

Are you thinking about installing metal roofing to your home? Here at SYL Roofing Supply, we tell you all about this type of roofing and the essentials that go into the installation process. Metal is one of the best materials you can install for your roof because it is extremely durable and very clean-looking. We understand that homeowners who live in Orlando and Tampa want a roof that they can rely on because the weather in these locations can become quite harsh. You will be thrilled at the information we provide on metal and the essentials of installing it because it makes all of the difference when the metal is installed correctly. Some certain functions and angles come with metal for roofs, so it must be installed properly so that it will last a lifetime.

Essentials For Metal Roofing

You are probably wondering what information we have to offer when it comes to installing metal for your roof. First, we want to tell you what benefits you can receive from drip edges. These edges help maintain the aesthetic of your roof, all while preventing buildup from the elements and pests from entering your home. Many shingle roofs can damage easily or allow pests to enter if they are not taken care of or repaired. With drip edges, you will not have to worry about these issues. Second, L flashing is an essential part of the installation process because the metal has to be at an exact 90-degree angle. Otherwise, problems may arise with your roof in the future. Your roof must have the underlayment, the L flashing, the counter flashing, and the house wrap. Third, counter flashing is also essential because it blocks moisture from building up in your home, which causes mold and rotting in severe cases. All of these layers are essential during the installation process.


We love involving our clients as much as we can with their roofs, so they understand exactly why their roofs will be so durable. Here is a breakdown of all the steps we take during the installation process of roofs made from metal: 

  • Siding 
  • House wrap 
  • Counter flashing 
  • Flashing 
  • Underlayment 
  • Roof covering


We Are Professionals

We are the best roofers in the area, so you can rest assured that we offer the best advice. Our team of professionals is dedicated to making your roof last as long as possible while still maintaining a beautiful appearance. You can receive so many benefits from roofs made out of metal, but they must be installed properly, or else you will face the same, if not worse, issues that you will face with a shingle roof.

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