The Rhino Roof synthetic underlayment is a game-changer for saving energy. During the hot season, energy costs can escalate through air conditioning since you might need to have it on for long periods, trying to get the home cool.

With evolving technology, there are now several ways to save energy in your home, which helps reduce overall energy costs. Here are some of those ways:


4 Ways Your Roof Can Help You Save Energy

  • Insulation

When working with different types of roofs, insulation is important. It helps keep out the heat during hot summers, and during the winters, it helps keep the heat in. This way, you use less energy to regulate the temperature to be comfortable in your home.

This reduces the electricity bill at the end of the day by ensuring that the AC system is not working super hard to achieve the best temperature in your home.

  • Sufficient Solar Reflection

During the summer season, when heat is too much, solar reflection goes a long way in reducing the heat in your home. When the sun hits your roof, it is absorbed, increasing the temperature in your home.

Reflective types of roofs help in bouncing back the light and heat such that it is not saturated in the home. This, therefore, means that you do not use much energy with the AC. 

  • Proper Ventilation

Ventilation is critical in balancing out the hot air in the home. Your AC will not overwork to exchange the hot air with the cooler, fresher outside air with proper ventilation.

With a good ventilation system, you can guarantee better health for your family and lower costs in energy used to regulate the temperatures.

  • Lighter Shingle Colors

When buying wholesale roof shingles for your home, always consider their color. It can make or break your energy budget. Darker colored shingles absorb more heat from the sun during hot summers. This causes the lower interior leading to the attic to be extremely hot.

Buy lighter-colored wholesale roof shingles such as gray instead of pitch-black shingles. This reduces the amount of heat absorbed into your home, thus reducing air conditioning and reducing energy costs.


Can Installing Rhino Roof Synthetic Underlayment Help? 

Yes, it does! When buying wholesale roof shingles, consider installing The Rhino Roof synthetic underlayment which goes a long way in creating a radiation barrier. It reduces heat transfer from the roof to the attic and your home.

If less heat gets into your home, the less your AC system has to work, and the less energy it consumes, cutting your overall energy costs.


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