Owning a home is a big investment, but that also comes with the roof. It does keep your family safe, warm, and dry during the different weather conditions. You should be able to stay comfortable all year round, but in order to have an efficient roof, consider an upgrade. SYL Roofing Supply has all different roof types in Orlando. 

Roof Types Like TAMKO

TAMKO is a leading supplier of quality shingles. The company first started in 1945 selling asphalt shingles. E.L. Craig founded the company and established its reputation for reliability and quality. The brand has continued with generations working to expand the legacy with tireless effort. TAMKO has gained national recognition and earned a spot as one of the leading suppliers in roofing materials.

The quality shingles are popular for their versatility in structure. The building design contributes to the look and feel as a whole. To best serve a builder, the shingle has a customized appearance that will dovetail with the rest of the structure design. This includes the shape, color, size, and other appearances required available with TAMKO. 

Another important aspect is the material. Any roof is exposed to the harsh elements and onslaught of sun exposure, moisture, heat, cold, wind, snow, and more. It’s purpose is to protect against all elements. However, not all materials are made the same. 

To avoid any materials failing, TAMKO is long lasting against such conditions and it holds up against impacts of high winds, harsh elements, and extended lengths of sun exposure. They avoid negative outcomes for your roof.

Quality Shingles

One of the benefits is the cost-effective price. Through the direct cost of materials, a long-lasting shingle will help the homeowner save on the cost or replacing a roof prematurely. Other savings are through energy efficiency through the roofing material. They contribute to insulating the roof and avoid losing heating or cooling.

If you want the best roof over your home to give you peace of mind through extreme weather, you can’t go wrong with quality. Once TAMKO is installed, you won’t worry about it for a very, very long time. They are designed to last which is why they are one of the most trusted names in the industry.

Choose TAMKO

With trusted installers and experts in the fields, SYL Roofing Supply has the right tools to make your roof look fantastic. With our wide variety of roof types in Orlando, you can have a quality roof with peace of mind for the years to come. There are various names in the industry, but with TAMKO, it is the most recognizable for good reason. For decades it has been the quality name to have your roof covered for years to come. 

Have a roof you will be proud of and confident in. Have the design and stylish touch you want incorporated. Choose your singles from our wide range including fiberglass, metal, and asphalt. Call us today for our selection and decide what look you want to implement for your home.