Starting a new project brings the possibility to improve the shortcomings of a past experience. This scenario is particularly accurate for contractors servicing the construction industry, who, time after time, get the chance to improve certain practices. The development of new techniques and updates in the formulation of synthetic materials are to both be thanked in the manner. As Tampa’s #1 roofing material wholesale distributor, SYL Roofing Supply is continuously researching and studying the latest trends in the world of roof construction. Since being useful to our clients is a great pleasure, we want to share our knowledge on the benefits of using Rhino roof synthetic underlayment. Please read below to learn why this synthetic roof underlayment is the material that roofers from all over the world trust.


The Synthetic Underlayment Your Roof Needs

Rhino roof synthetic underlayment is a strong and reliable ally in the protection against water. The qualities of the material have proven to be an excellent sealer against the action of moisture breaking through the roof to create mold growth and surface rotting. The prolific underlayment provides the following benefits to contractors: 

  • Durability and resistance to high traffic and severe weather conditions.
  • More strength than 30 saturated felt underlayment. 
  • The material comes with a 20-year warranty.
  • Resistance to direct UV light for 60 days of continuous exposure.  
  • Mechanically adheres to steep slope roofs without any troubles.
  • The product presentation eases the installation process, offering more area coverage than standard materials, hard wind resistance, no water absorption, and no wrinkling when in the presence of water.


Before installing the synthetic underlayment, the roofer must check to see if the roof is structurally sound and prepare the deck to ensure that it’s dry, clean, and free from surface defects that could jeopardize the final result. The application procedures vary according to the steepness of the roof’s slope. However, they’re easy enough so that any roofer can follow. Once laid in the roof deck, the material can be anchored with staples, cap staples, or corrosive resistance nails sized ⅜ head x 1-inch leg.


Buy the Synthetic Roof Underlayment Roofers Trust

RhinoRoof® is a highly engineered lightweight synthetic material that provides a secondary layer of protection to the roofing system. As you previously saw, the use of this underlayment in your construction projects can be extremely beneficial because it ensures that no water passes through. If interested in the material, call us! SYL Roofing Supply can be your certified distributor in Tampa and Orlando.


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Are you worried about the long-term impact that moisture can have on the roof of your construction project? We can provide a synthetic roof underlayment that will solve that problem. Contact us today and let our SYL Roofing Supply representative explain the benefits of using Rhino roof synthetic underlayment. As a wholesale distributor, we are here to assist you and deliver the roofing materials you may need. Place an order, and we’ll deliver the products straight from our shop in Tampa. FYI, we also service the city of Orlando.