Every homeowner accustomed to a warm, cozy, and leak-free roof understands the value of having a solid one. Unfortunately, your roof will not remain sturdy forever! As the roof ages, both minor and critical issues will develop. Are there steps you could take to prevent potential damages from becoming bigger? Yes! Discussed in this article are top signs your roof needs to be replaced! These signs will serve as a foundation for your roof assessment. Nevertheless, if you need high-quality roofing supply for your professional roof replacement in Florida, contact SYL Roofing Supply today!

Top Signs Your Roof Needs To Be Replaced

Here are eight signs that you need for roof repair ASAP:

  1. Cracked Shingles
  2. Bald Spots
  3. Curled Shingles Edges
  4. The Look- Roofs needing replacement will look old and worn, resulting in an unappealing and shabby appearance.
  5. Dark Streaks- If you find dark streaks on your roof, it’s time for a replacement! Airborne algae lead to dark streaks on your roof. This wouldn’t impact the roof shingle but give a horrible look, which might be a big problem.
  6. Roof Has Been Used For Over Twenty Years- Undoubtedly, most shingles you find in the market are designed for durability. But, sadly, there are some factors responsible for the premature aging of the shingles. Inadequate ventilation, for example, will impact the roof’s life expectancy.
  7. Neighbors Are Replacing Theirs- If you construct your home simultaneously as your neighbors, your home is likely to experience the same weather condition. Thus, when you spot your neighbors changing their roofs, it might be time for your roof replacement.
  8. Moss- Moss holds moisture against the shingles. When this continues over a long time, it will lead to the defacement of the granules on your shingles. A common approach is to scrape off, but that won’t be sufficient to stop them from developing again. Therefore, instead of wasting money brushing off or fixing, get a new roof.

Yes, these eight signs are how to tell if your roof is damaged and needs to be replaced!

Do You Need A Roof Replacement?

Your roof can experience no failure before reaching its life expectancy. But that shouldn’t warrant neglect on your part. If you delay replacing an old roof, a minor problem will become complex. Thus, always check for these signs so you can have adequate time to include roof replacement in your project. When does a roof need to be replaced? If these signs above are present, they all point to roof replacement!

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