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The weather in the Tampa and Orlando areas can get wild at times. Gorgeous weather one moment can quickly turn into a downpour of rain and heavy winds in a matter of seconds. Volatile weather makes it incredibly important to have a quality synthetic underlayment for your roof.

Underlayment is placed in between your roofing deck and shingles. This placement provides a double layer of protection against the elements. It is an integral part of roofing projects that can save you money in the long run. SYL Roofing Supply has several underlayments that will accommodate any roofing project.

Rhino Synthetic Underlayment Protection

Over 12 years of development went into what is arguably among the best underlayments available on the market today. 

  • Proven to work, Rhino underlayment is becoming the go-to product for the industry’s top contractors. 
  • When nature strikes, Rhino underlayment provides solid and durable protection from the elements.
  • Rhino underlayment will not dry out or break down like felt underlayment will.
  • The product has a manufacturer’s 20-year warranty.
  • A fiber grip surface on the underlayment allows for safer walking and working conditions.
  • Rhino underlayment can reduce potential seams and leaks with its larger roll sizes.


Long-Lasting Tech Wrap Protection

Still usable with up to six months of exposure to the rain and sun, Tech Wrap is an immensely durable material. It is constructed from fibers formed from woven polypropylene and coated with special water repellent and UV protective coatings.

  • Tech Wrap underlayment is designed for easy alignments on your roof, thanks to the provided lay-up lines.
  • Tech Wrap provides very safe working conditions.
  • This underlayment is exceptionally tear-resistant.
  • Tech Wrap is resistant to blow-off caused by high winds.
  • With Tech Wrap, water absorption is a non-issue.
  • Faster application thanks to a 10-square foot roll size.
  • Tech Wrap will work with all code-approved roof-covering materials.

Ice And Water For Your Roofs Protection

Ice and Water Shield underlayment will self-adhere to your roof. Manufactured using a rubberized asphalt adhesive material and a layer of polyethylene, Ice and Water Shield underlayment is considered one of the premier roofing underlayments.

  • Ice and Water Shield adheres to your roof deck with a self-adhesive.
  • Ice and Water Shield underlayment does not require additional adhesives or heat treatment to apply.
  • This underlayment is dry rot and crack-resistant.
  • Ice and Water Shield is designed to prohibit bacteria and fungus growth.
  • The underlayment is made with slip-resistant material that creates a safer walking surface for workers.
  • Ice and Water Shield is a dependable product with a long history, 35-years, of protecting roofs from the element.

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All of the synthetic underlayment we offer at SYL Roofing Supply will work perfectly for your roofing projects throughout the Tampa and Orlando areas. No matter what your company’s size is or your project’s scope, we strive to provide you with quality service and fair, competitive pricing. When you are ready to start on your next project, give us a call or stop by to see all the ways we can help.

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