Vents are openings that allow the escape or passage of liquids, fumes, etc. Like most roofing materials, vents are incorporated in a building for intake and exhaust of fumes and gases. If you’re looking to buy quality building materials in Tampa & Orlando, SYL Roofing Supply is the company for you. Vents are essential for a standard building, and it is necessary to work with a reliable roofing company to get quality materials and install the units successfully.

Different Types Of Vents And Their Uses

There are different types of vents: ridge vents, gooseneck vents, ridge vents, cobra plastic,
and lead roof boots. Each type of vent has unique features.

Gooseneck roof exhaust vents have unique technology that protects them from adverse weather conditions. It has a 5” extra height that provides snow clearance and keeps water particles away from the openings. Its features include a flapper that opens with low performing fans, ability to attach to 4, 5, or 6 inches duct, extra collars that fit into the 6, 7, or 8 inches duct and a free net area, measuring 20 sq. inches. Remove the flapper if you want to use it as an intake vent.
Off ridge vents give natural airflow on shingles when combined with soffit vents and gable. In addition, the internal screen offers protection against pests. There are also self-flashing flanges that make installation very easy. You can get it in three different styles and are available in 2,4,6, 8 inches at 26 gauge
It is used for asphalt shingles, ridge pole construction, low or steep roof slopes. They are of different sizes, but the most common is a 10” aluminum ridge vent.
Cobra clip is a kind of roof vent used with millimeter dimension plastic piping and IPS. The installation of this unit depends on the type of pipe clips used. Cobra clips enable free pipe movement by reducing friction between clip and pipe.
Lead Roof boot is used for boot flashings around pipes that go through the roof. There’s a need to use this in sealing between your roof and walls in areas like chimneys, skylights, etc.

Who Needs Roof Vents?

Everyone needs vents in their homes. Roof vents provide proper ventilation and prevent pests from coming into your space for warmth. Proper installation and regular maintenance help keep pests away. Enjoy warmth in the comfort of your home and better ventilation with these roof vents.

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As crucial as installing roof vents is, proper installation is vital. You can’t get much out of substandard or inadequate vent installation. That’s why we recommend using the best hands so you can enjoy the satisfaction of a job well done. Poor installation causes an increase in attic temperatures above 150° that can damage your roofing materials and build up condensation, thus breeding mold and mildew.

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