For contractors, two essential keys that go into building a roof are choosing the right materials and securing a roofing supplier -with a broad catalog and stock availability- throughout the project. In Orlando, you can find plenty of options for roofing suppliers. However, if you want to be sure of hiring the best one, start by doing online research for the “best roofing supply near me.” Afterward, our name is likely to come up. We’re SYL Roofing Supply, a wholesale distributor and retailer of roofing materials with extensive reach in the area. Our professionals can assist you during the problematic material selection stages. To guide you, read about the benefits of Class A roof shingles and Class B roof shingles. 


Buying Shingles? This Is What You Need to Know!

When buying shingles, you want to find a mix of durability, style, and, of course, affordable pricing.  


Believe us! We know how difficult it’s to make up your mind while trying to choose a shingle made of the material and color you need. After all, besides looking for long-lasting roof protection against rain, snow, storm, and dry weather days, you want to enhance the aesthetics of the property. 


Get the shingles you want by simply buying all your materials from an experienced supplier. Let being hesitant as a thing of the past and work with SYL Roofing Supply to save time, maximize your money’s value, and buy the best shingles for your property! 


Class A Roof Shingles or Class B Roof Shingles

In our store, we’ve observed that most clients are quick to dismiss the pile of shingles labeled as “seconds” to focus their attention on Class A labeled products.


For that reason, we’d like to highlight the tremendous commercial opportunity these overlooked Class B shingles represent to our distinctive clientele.

  • Seconds typically are rejected batches due to minor non-conformities, like slight coloring differences.
  • The minor flaws don’t affect the overall quality and lasting effect they were designed to meet.
  • Seconds represent a 20%-30% cost-saving chance when compared to class A products.


Remember, if you need to buy shingles, don’t overlook seconds! They could be great for your roof!


Find a Supplier

In Orlando, the search for “roofing supply near me” will point in many directions. Don’t stick to the first one that shows up. Instead, do further research and see why we’re the top supplier in the area. 


At SYL Roofing Supply, we offer our customers a high-quality service to distribute a wide variety of roofing materials from the best brands in the business and for an affordable price. What more could you ask for?


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Feeling stuck while looking for a “roofing supply near me?” In Orlando, we offer clients the widest variety of roofing options in the city. Contact us at SYL Roofing Supply today and let our specialists show you our products. We work with the top brands in the business and have a vast stock in availability, including class A roof and Class B roof shingles.