Roofing Accessories


Cleans up metal debris from warehouse floors, loading docks and parking lots.

Roofing Knife

High quality roofing knife for cutting shingles and various roofing materials.

Hose Clamp

Stainless steel clamp with 1/2 inch wide band. It has a clamp range of 1-1/2 inch to 3 inch diameter.


Self-adhesive, water mitigation product. It eliminates the
need for hammers, wood stripes, nails, bricks and sandbags when trying to cover the damaged roof area.

Stripper Shingles

The Shingle Stripper is designed to make removing of shingles easier. Wedge design removes multiple layers of shingles and nails with ease.


Roof safety harness and personal fall arrest system will help keep you safe while working on a steeply pitched roof.

Cover Strip

A peel and stick cured cover tape. It can be used with EPDM, TPO and most PVC roofing membranes.

Sealant Tape

Tape all joints and seams of a roof deck, preventing water, air and moisture from entering the structure.

Hook Blade

Commonly used for cutting roof felt

Roofing Granules

Shingle granules are the exterior coating on asphalt roofing shingles and provide your home with an extra layer of protection.

Strap Ratchet

is a fastener used to hold down cargo or equipment during
transport. Tie down straps are essentially webbing
that is outfitted with tie down hardware.


Skylights and roof windows are glazed openings on a pitched or flat roof designed to provide more light to the home. As well as allowing natural light into your home.

Gas Air Compressor

This air compressor can be used for inflation jobs, such as tire inflation, sporting goods, airbrushing, and blowing.

Coil Roofing Nailer

Use these nailers to fasten asphalt shingles, house wraps, siding, and more.

Bonding Adhesive

Used to fasten two surfaces together and typically produces a smooth bond.

TPO Universal Boot

To prevent water from following the pipe down through your roof and into your home.

Termination Bar

Designed to secure and seal the membrane on vertical or horizontal termination details. It is made of durable extruded aluminum.

Corner TPO

Uniform in shape and size and provide water tightness at corners formed by TPO coated metal and/or TPO flashing membrane.

Metal Plates

Used to mechanically attach insulation, coverboards and BUR base sheets to the substrate.

Roofing Boots

They provide stability and protection. They enable you to work long hours in comfort. They can mitigate the risk of injury and falls.

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