Are you a roofing company or contractor? Are you taking advantage of drip edges when performing various roofing projects? If not, then we at SYL Roofing Supply want to share more information about what a drip edge flashing is and why you should be taking advantage of it. This is especially true for those of us in Tampa or other parts of Florida. We are no strangers to stormy weather, in the summertime, we can see afternoon downpours nearly every day. A roof drip edge can help protect the roof of your client’s building, after all, so it’s worth learning more about the advantages.

What is a Roof Drip Edge?

A drip edge is a material that is applied to the edges of a roof to give water the ability to filter away from the home. These are made of a non-staining and non-corroding metal. When it comes to rain, the water can build up and damage parts of a structure if not properly drained. Gutters are a great way to mitigate this concern, but a drip edge can work with your gutters to protect your home from water as well as other things.

Drip Edge Flashing Benefits

The main benefit of adding a drip edge to the roof of a building you’re working on is the impact it has on the weather and protecting your room. Normally, rain runs off and into the gutter where it can drain, but harsh weather can still find weak points in your roof. Ice and snow, for example, can actually have liquid seep backward and into the roof as they melt. Heavy wind and rain can actually push water into those entry points which are blocked off by drip edges. This layer of defense can actually do a lot to extend the lifespan of your roof, protect your home from unwanted water leaks and water damage, and protect the edge of the room from other forms of damage.


Lastly, drip edges also prevent insects from being able to enter your home through the same weak points that water can sneak into. This can help minimize the potential of encountering bugs like spiders, palmetto bugs, roaches, and ants which can be major pests. It can also protect you from the risk of infestations. Whether from wind, rain, snow, ice, or even insects, drip edges can put in a lot of work when it comes to protecting the homes of those who have them. This is why if you’re not already including them in your home construction projects, then it may be a good idea to consider including them from this point onward.


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Looking for a roofing supply wholesaler to provide you with the tools needed to add a drip edge flashing to your next project? We at SYL Roofing Supply are one such wholesaler found in the Tampa area. With our state being the prime candidate for heavy wind and rainstorms, many roofs are prone to unnecessary water damage and expensive repair costs. Give your clients the security and safety associated with drip edges. Contact us today to learn more about these architectural features.