Want to keep the installation of a drip edge straight? This guide has been designed for you! While drip edges are notable features on homes in some specific locations, they aren’t common in some regions with less impactful storms. So, if a homeowner has invited you for their drip edge installation in their area, doing the right job cannot be overemphasized! Want to get an affordable and durable drip edge in Orlando or Tampa? Call our representative at SYL Roofing Supply today!


Drip Edge Installation

Let us start with the tool required for the installation:

  • Stapler
  • Hammer
  • Tin Snips

Materials Required Are:

  • Drip edge
  • Staples
  • Roofing felt
  • Ice and water shield
  • Roofing nails

Are your materials and tools ready? Let’s start with the first step.


  • Step I: Installing The Drip Edge Accurately

Start by installing the drip edge with the eaves. Then add underlayment and fix the drip edge at the gable end. The best route is to first set the roof drip edge only with the eaves. After that, place the felt paper over the drip edge. This pattern will let waters that drop on the roof run down the felt paper and over the drip edge.


  • Step II: Place The Roof Drip Edge Flashing Alongside The Gable Ends

As soon as the underlayment (felt paper) is well applied, return to place the metal roof drip edge flashing alongside the gable ends. Cover the felt paper or ice-and-water barrier with drip edges to enable the windblown rain to drop on the shingles that run over the felt paper. In addition, the drip edge aids in holding down the underlayment to prevent it from being blown away before installing the shingles.


  • Step III: Get The Corners Cut In The Right Place

Want to save yourself some stress? Then, make sure you cut corners on the gable and eave pieces to allow them to mate appropriately before the installation. If you do this, you can obtain clean locking corners.


A Drip Edge Saves In The Long Run

The truth is, when a homeowner lacks a drip edge, it saves money in a short time, but over time, it will result in expensive damages. In addition, you can find it very difficult to fix! Therefore, as a homeowner, it is best to understand why you need it fully. Likewise, if you are a contractor and the client is unwilling to install a drip edge, educate them on why they should!


Getting An Affordable And Quality Drip Edge Is Vital

Want to avoid a shabby installation? Start with getting a quality drip edge! It’s best to speak with the best roofing supplier dealing with irresistible and quality drip edges that will wow your clients.


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