Are you looking for eco-friendly roof materials? If you’ve scoured the web looking up “roof supply near me,” look no further than SYL Roofing Supply.

At SYL Roofing Supply, we offer more than roofing materials. In our impressive inventory, we have green roofing supplies like fiberglass and copper-based shingles that you won’t find in many roof supply stores in Tampa.

Our environmentally friendly roof materials will protect your home as they protect the environment. You can experience better home insulation, superior aesthetics, and long-lasting protection while keeping it green with these eco-friendly roofing options from SYL Roofing Supply.

Eco-friendly and Sustainable Architectural Shingles

Most architectural shingles on the market will contain layers of wood and rubber granules. These materials consolidate into voluminous roof coverings kept together by thick layers of asphalt.

The combination of asphalt and recycled material gives architectural shingles their signature bulk. The thickness gives the illusion of density, adding more aesthetic appeal to your roof. Also, let’s not forget how a thicker shingle is a more protective shingle.

Everything that goes into most architectural shingles makes these kinds of shingles aesthetic, functional, and sustainable.

However, you can always go the extra mile in eco-friendliness and function with our signature environmentally-friendly architectural shingles.

Our architectural shingles consist mainly of recycled materials. These recycled materials include discarded wood and recycled paper. When you opt for our architectural shingles, you get shingles that are good for your roof and the environment.

Highly-recyclable Three-tab Shingles

Our three-tab shingles are popular among many homeowners and contractors because of their affordability and aesthetic value. If you’ve ever ordered our three-tab shingles, you’ll agree. However, did you know that our three-tab shingles are also eco-friendly?

Our three-tab shingles are the results of sustainable production practices. Our shingles consist of recycled materials, ranging from old paper to discarded wood chips.

These materials make our three-tab shingles sustainable. At the same time, these are the very materials that give our three-tab shingles a high-recycling value.

Because these materials are organic, you can dispose of them with a clear conscience. They may have less use as shingles. Nevertheless, the materials are recyclable, later comprising paving materials or even other shingles.

Architectural Shingles That Boast Non-toxicity and Energy Efficiency

What makes our architectural shingles environmentally sound is the addition of fiberglass granules. The fiberglass granules that go into our architectural shingles achieve two things.

First, the granules add more bulk to the shingles. Fiberglass thickens our architectural shingles, so you’ll find that our shingles contain less asphalt than most architectural shingles available.

In short, there’s less asphalt in our architectural shingles. Less asphalt means our shingles are biodegradable.

Second, the fiberglass makes our shingles reflective. Once sunlight hits the fiberglass granules, the light bounces off, with little heat penetrating the shingles. During Florida’s blistering summers, a reflective set of shingles is valuable if you want to rely on your air conditioning less.

Because you’re not turning up your air conditioning, your energy usage goes down significantly.

In short, not only are our architectural shingles non-toxic. They also add energy efficiency to your home in Tampa.

Sustainable and Long-lasting Copper-based Roof Shingles by IKO

One of the big brands we have in our shingles selection is IKO. IKO is the leader in manufacturing copper-based shingles guaranteed to be long-lasting and sustainable.

IKO roofing shingles consist of layers of copper granules. The copper that goes into the shingles adds to the roofing material’s recycling value. Besides that, the granules provide excellent insulation. They protect your interior from heat, meaning that your air conditioning use will decrease.

IKO roofing shingles are only some of the quality shingles our roof supply store has in store. Choose from brands like:

  • IKO
  • GAF

Why Choose SYL Roofing Supply for Eco-friendly Roofing

When you choose SYL Roofing Supply for your roofing needs, you can look forward to the following benefits.

Free Material Estimates

We believe in transparency. In our commitment to deliver value, we never have hidden charges. We offer free material estimates when you reach out for our eco-friendly roofing materials in Tampa.

Roofing Material Options Galore

We have some of the widest selections of roofing materials in Tampa. Besides stunning and sustainable architectural shingles, we also offer:

  • Underlayments
  • Drip edge or roofing components
  • Roof coatings
  • Vents
  • Flat roof

We’re your one-stop shop for all things roof-related. Reach out now for a free, no-obligation materials quote.

Quick, Reliable, and Secure Delivery Wherever You Need Your Shingles

Once we’ve accepted your order, we’ll have your shingles to you with no delays. We’ll deliver them wherever you need them — whether it’s on your property or site or atop your building or home.

Environmentally-friendly Roofing Materials? We’ve Got Them All Under One Roof!

When you’re looking for shingles that are great for your roof and the environment, look no further. Reach out to us at SYL Roofing Supply now for a free materials quote in Orlando or Tampa.