It might be tough to pick the perfect shingle for your roof. In terms of material, color, durability, and pricing, you have a lot of alternatives. While many elements influence how long your roof will last and which roofing material is best for your home, one thing is sure: you want your new roof to be a worthy investment that improves your home’s durability, beauty, and feel. We’ll talk about how architectural shingles can help you achieve this aim today.


What Are Architectural Shingles and What Sets Them Apart?

The shape of regular 3-tab asphalt shingles is uniformly flat. They are made up of a single thin layer of granules on top of a base.

Architectural shingles work on the same concept, but their composition is more complicated. Their foundation is made up of two laminated layers. These shingles are way thicker and heavier than previous ones. They look to be multi-dimensional rather than flat. Dimensional or laminated shingles are other names for architectural shingles. You can choose products in various colors, or that seem like other roofing materials, in addition to a pure asphalt look.


What Are The Advantages Of Using Architectural Shingles?


Architectural shingles have a thick asphalt base, making them one of the highest-quality roofing materials available. A roof in Tampa must be able to survive severe snow and rain in the winter, as well as heat and humidity in the summer.

Architectural shingles are a weather-resistant material that you can rely on in any situation.


Lower Your Maintenance Fees

Roofs must be checked on a regular basis. You must, at the very least, verify that your roof is clean and free of defects. If your roof develops a problem, such as loose shingles or a leak, you must repair it to restore its functionality. Asphalt roofing is a low-maintenance option. It’s tough and simple to maintain. If you go all out and get architectural asphalt shingles, you’ll be able to cut down on your upkeep even more. You won’t have to deal with shingles that are loose or missing here, for example. If you use architectural shingles that mimic other materials, you will get additional benefits. These issues are not present in architectural shingles that resemble wood shakes. Furthermore, because of their longer longevity, these products come with a longer warranty duration. If you have an issue with your shingles, your warranty may be able to assist you.



Architectural shingles’ dimension and design can give your roof an appealing, more expensive appearance without breaking the bank. Although they cost about 20%–30% more per square foot at first, energy savings and a longer roof life balance the difference over time. Furthermore, the warranties for architectural shingles often extend 30–50 years, approximately double the average warranty on a 3-tab shingle.


Return On Investment And Style

Architectural shingles were created in the 1970s as a high-end finish for homes. They’ve grown in popularity over time as a result of their textured, high-end appearance at a low price. Furthermore, a nice-looking and reliable roof can increase the value of your property and recover roughly 72 percent of your investment.


Variety And Customization

Architectural shingles may be made to seem like a number of natural materials, such as slate or wood, giving you virtually endless color and style options. Because of their small weight, they are an excellent alternative for steep or complex roofs where the use of other materials is restricted. Architectural shingles are good for steeply pitched roofs because they are designed to allow water and snow to readily glide off.


Installation Is Much Easier

Architectural shingles are generally easier to install as they are simple to cut and can fit a variety of roof shapes and sizes. While a proper inspection is required to estimate installation time, they’re generally easier to install because they’re simple to cut and can fit a variety of roof shapes and sizes, Making it one of the most adaptable roofing solutions on the market since it can be used on properties of many ages and styles.

When people come to look at a house, one of the first things they notice is the roof. They will have a great impression of your home before they even step inside if your roof is fashionable and well-maintained.

Here, too, your investment in architectural shingles pays off. Potential purchasers will see that your property has a high-quality roof that will last for many years. At this point, they won’t have to worry about the cost of a new roof.