Are you planning to install a residential or commercial roof? We’ve got you covered at SYL Roofing Supply, conveniently located in both Orlando and Tampa! Our wholesale roof shingles offer several benefits to building owners, professionals, and homeowners. If you’ve been searching for “wholesale shingles near me,” you can rest assured that your search is now over.

The Benefits Of Our Wholesale Roof Shingles

Choosing the right type of roof shingles can be daunting since you are opened to a wide array of materials to select from. However, with our asphalt shingles, here are the benefits you stand to gain.

  1. Lightweight- Unlike slates that require extra structural support and add a large amount of weight to your roof, our asphalt shingles do not require structural support and add less weight to your roof.
  2. Inexpensive- We have one of the most affordable roof shingles. While we ensure that our shingles fit a varying range of budgets, we still do not compromise longevity and durability. Interestingly, our installation and repair price are the best you could get.
  3. Ease Of Installation- The installation of our asphalt shingles is done efficiently and quickly. Our roof shingles are completed in a single day. Thus, your house will not be a construction site for an extended period. The installation will be completed in a timely and efficient manner to keep your family safe and secure.
  4. Color Choices- When it comes to our roof shingles, we have varying types of asphalt shingles. From colors, patterns, and textures, we’ll meet your needs. Regardless of the color of your home, we’ll get you perfect shingles that will match your “roofing shingles for sale near me” search.
  5. Durability- Our roof shingles do not require comprehensive maintenance like several other roofing materials you could get. Our options are resistant to fire, temperatures, ice, and extreme winds.

Curb Appeal

Because roofs are a fundamental part of your home and represent almost 40% curb appeal, it is vital to consider style and color.

  • Style- Our roof shingles fit into both historical and current home designs. If you are searching for a roof that complements what you have in your community and home, speak with our professional team today to help you pick the right style.
  • Color- As a homeowner or contractor, you must ensure that the color you are picking complements your neighborhood. If you already do not have a preference, speak with our experts to choose the best shades for you.

Ongoing Protection

If you choose from our high-quality roof shingles, you’ll enjoy a wide array of warranties. It enables you to select the right level of coverage that’s best for your project. Undoubtedly, we are your answer to your “roofing shingles outlet near me” search.

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Do you need wholesale roof shingles in Orlando or Tampa? SYL Roofing Supply is the right choice! Have you been searching for “wholesale roofing shingles near me?”  Your search is now over! Our architectural styles are the most economical type you’ll find in the market with impressive beauty and protection. If you need wholesale roofing supply, contact us today!