Cap Sheet

Cap sheet roofs have layers of material glued together with hot asphalt, with a roll of mineral surface glued with asphalt to the top instead of gravel.

The cap sheet is used to provide a watertight surface and protection and is one of the most important components of a building providing protection and comfort to its occupants.The cap sheets are surfaced with a bright-white, highly reflective granule that’s both durable and energy efficient. The granule mitigates solar heat and provides additional comfort to the interiors of the buildings it protects.

Base Sheet

Base Sheet  is a premium roofing base sheet constructed with a strong glass mat that is coated on both sides to ensure a closed-sheet design to prevent asphalt bleed-through. The sealed sheet also serves as an effective flame retarder for the application of torch-applied modified bitumen membranes.

A roofing base sheet is the bottom waterproofing layer on a multilayer roofing membrane system. … The base sheet provides waterproofing and a top surface that can bond with the cap sheet

Torch down roofing

(sometimes referred to as “torch on” roofing) is so named because it requires an open-flame propane torch. In this installation method, sheets of modified bitumen are rolled out onto the roof, and a roofing professional uses a hand-held propane torch to heat the material and adhere it to the surface.

Water-resistant torch down roofing is an excellent choice in snowy environments. The cap sheet on a torch down roofing system has other excellent properties, including resistance to UV rays, and reflectivity to keep the building cool and energy efficient.

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