What do you do when you want to replace your roof? Do you consider the materials to use or anything goes? The answer is your roofing materials should matter. Top-notch roofing materials are the beauty of your roof, and a granulated cap sheet is the next big thing in roofing technology. They are a unique roofing material made of mineral granules that protect your roof and increase its longevity. As much as choosing the best materials is important for roofing, it is also necessary to hire competent hands to handle your roofing needs. SYL Roofing Supply has all it takes to make your roofing dreams in Tampa & Orlando a reality using only quality materials. 

What Is A Granulated Cap Sheet?

Granulated cap sheets are made from various layers of materials such as tar-coated fiberglass layers or asphalt. It has coatings, usually mineral granules, that make it stronger and more durable. This roofing material is fairly heavy and is often called 90lb roofing because of its weight, approximately a standard square. It is important to note, though, that innovation and technology have caused a reduction in the weight of many products, with some weighing about 72lb. More layers of the cap sheet and inbuilt roofing mean increased resistance to leakages by a roof. The Cap sheets’ surface is protected by granules, with a release protection film covering the base. 

Uses Of Granulated Cap Sheets And Their Application

They are used in low slope roofing like modified Bitumen roofing or built-up roofing (BUR) to create a water-resistant surface. Continuous exposure to the weather can weaken a BUR roof, making it crack. Water will seep into these cracks and affect the interior of the building eventually. The cap sheet’s function is to cover the layers underneath and protect them, thus increasing the lifespan of the roof. 

Cap sheets are applied on roofs using the following methods: 

  • Heat welding the units to join the sheets, and the roof underneath
  • Lapping asphalt or cement in between the layers to join everything together
  • Using a gravel layer to bring down the weight of the BUR.

Benefits Of Granulated Cap Sheets

Cap sheets have become a popular option for roofers. It has a light-colored mineral surface that helps reflect heat to the atmosphere and prevent heat absorption by the roofing materials. Therefore, the need for air conditioning is reduced, and in turn, utility costs will drop. Furthermore, its light color will help lessen the effect of the urban heat. Extra materials like rubber derivatives are added to boost its resistance to damage and durability. The rubber makes it flexible to the roofing material so external materials like debris won’t impact the roof. Sometimes, they contain extra coatings to give it more protection, but they need to stay for about 90 days after the first installation before applying the coating. 

You can’t easily peel off the layer and replace it because cap sheets are bonded to the layer underneath. Routine maintenance is recommended, with the repair done once a fault is detected. 

Cap sheets have mineral coatings, so they usually come in grays, whites, and earth tones. Whitecap sheets are the most popular because they insulate well and reflect heat. Its installation is also quick and easy.  

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