What is roof insulation? In short, it is the barrier of material within your roof space. It is laid between the joists, which is the beams along the floor of your attic or rafters. It’s job is to slow down the transfer of heat from your living space to the outside world. That way you are comfortable during winter or cooler nights. SYL Roofing Supply offers their services both in Orlando and Tampa. We offer retail and wholesale  as well as architectural shingles in asphalt.

Why Roof Insulation Is Essential 

The benefits of roof insulation include the lowered cost of your heating bill, energy efficiency, and increasing the home value. Homes without insulation have about ¼ of their heat lost through the roof. It is essential to have it installed to improve your home’s value and not to mention making it more cozy. 

The best part about insulation is that it will last more than 40 years and will pay for itself in energy bill savings, not to mention installation cost is relatively low. The environmental benefits will help reduce your carbon footprint. The better insulation a home is, the more efficient your heating system will be and lower the emissions. 

Installation: DIY or Professional?

It is possible to lay the insulation yourself as long as these factors are in your favor:

  • Accessible roof space
  • No damp or leaks within the area
  • The joists are regularly spaced and no need for repair
  • Your roof isn’t flat, but pointed

Anything that is not in these parameters will be complicated and bringing an experienced hand will bring great benefits in the long run. A professional installer will know how to lay the insulation appropriately and efficiently.

A flat roof should always be installed by a professional, they will also be able to catch whether the space is damp and will save you more money in the long run yet again. Older homes, using stone or other materials, will need a different kind of material. If you’re unaware and install using whichever material comes cost effective, you may be losing heat and the ability to stay dry. Best to consult for expert advice in certain techniques.

However, if you need the attic for storage space and you want to insulate it, you can! Just lay boards over the joists and insulation. Whichever method you choose, both will be cost effective and prevent you from getting a cold house. Be prepared with these steps:

  • Lay mineral wool down, then fit insulation across the joists, then boards on top.
  • OR create a higher floor level

Insulation Just Got Easier

Roof insulation can be difficult to distinguish if you don’t know if you have a damp attic, or the material for a flat roof, or other factors. We have you covered with SYL Roofing Supply at both our locations in Orlando and Tampa. We also provide our  architectural shingles in asphalt as well as our retail and wholesale products. No need to wait, call us today!