If you’ve got a new roof, you’ll want to do everything you can to make it last longer. Now you can with these essential roof maintenance tips, courtesy of SYL Roofing Supply! We provide wholesale and retail roofing materials throughout the Tampa and Orlando areas, making us experts in all things roofing!

Check Out These 5 Essential Roof Maintenance Tips

1) How To Spot Trouble Yourself

While it’s best to leave in-depth, getting-up-on-the-roof-yourself inspections to the pros, there are a few things you can keep an eye out for on your own. All you’ll need are some binoculars. Cracking or balding shingles, loose nails, and worn down chimney and ventilation boots are some basic cues that your roof may need some professional care.

2) Clean Your Roof Of Basic Yard Debris

Your roof is what protects you from the outside elements, such as wind, water, fallen leaves, moss, twigs, etc. But some of that gets stuck on the roof itself. Make sure your roof is free of this fallen debris to avoid mold and algae growth, which could otherwise lead to roof rot.

3) Make Sure Your Roof Gets An Annual Check-Up

There are some problems you just can’t spot. So just like you visit your doctor for an annual health check-up, you should bring in a professional roofer for a regular inspection. They’ll help you find and resolve problems before they get out of control.

4) How To Set A Budget For Roofing Costs

Start with how many years it’s been since your roof was replaced. Once you know how old your roof is, you’ll want to subtract this number from its life expectancy (usually 20 years). Next, find out the replacement cost. Divide this replacement cost by the number of months you expect to have left on your current roof (using the first calculation converted to months). This final number is how much you should put away each month for eventual roof replacement.

5) Unclog & Clean Your Gutters Regularly

Many believe that once their gutters are installed, the work is done. But this is not the case, especially if your home has many trees around. Gutters can easily be filled and clogged with leaves, twigs, moss, and more, leading to water build-up on your roof. This encourages mold growth, rot, and sometimes leaks.

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