When it comes to hail damage, swift contractors are often the ones to help affected homeowners. But quick responses depend on the preparedness of a contractor. SYL Roofing Supply has outlined what you can do to navigate your team’s next hailstorm restoration project! Located in Tampa and Orlando, we work hand in hand with contractors in delivering the best “roofing materials near me.”


You Need The Best “Roofing Materials Near Me”


You are certainly not the only contractor hustling to start the restoration work after the hail damage. Several teams are searching for the best “roofing supplies near me,” too! Therefore, before the storm hits at all, go a step further by solidifying a solid relationship with the best suppliers that are always on standby to meet the demand of contractors. At SYL Roofing Supply, we have a wide array of roofing products and a network that lets you deliver the required material. You will receive the complete order on time and with zero unauthorized substitution when you order from us.


Reach Out To Homeowners


Most homeowners aren’t always prepared to find the best contractor once the damage occurs. But you can do something as a contractor: Through your targeted postcards, let them see you! Additionally, your team might be out, dressed professionally in your brand apparel, to help address the homeowner’s urgent needs. This could include covering damaged areas with plywood and tarps. Finally, make sure you train your team well on how to communicate safely with homeowners. The care they exhibit will keep both the community and you safe and establish your team as trustworthy and careful.


Serve As An Advocate With Insurance Company


Many homeowners have not experienced the storm restoration process before, and they will have a series of questions regarding working with their insurance to offset the bills from these repairs. Some homeowners could be wondering whether it is best to use their insurance money to pay for the repairs or save the money for later use. Therefore, it is your duty as a contractor to educate them on insurance funds, primarily how they work. Most insurance often sets a time limit for repairs. And if a homeowner doesn’t repair now, they won’t be able to access any insurance money in the future if the storm damage results in more problems. As a result, serving as an advocate or guiding them on navigating insurance will strengthen the relationship you have with the homeowner.


Contact Us


Storm restoration is indeed a tough job! But you can limit the stress that comes with it. Remember, you need to start with contacting a reliable roofing supplier that offers the best “roofing materials near me.” That is one excellent way to act quickly as your team moves from one location to another. Where can you start? Contact us at SYL Roofing Supply. Located in Tampa and Orlando, we offer the best roofing supplies locals swear by! We commit to delivering affordable and durable roofing materials. Call us now for a free consultation!