Most homeowners choose roofing shingles, and for a good reason. For starters, they are affordable and effortless to install. Besides, they are suitable for any climate and come in various styles and colors. Your roofing shingles could last years, depending on your choice.


What to look for in roofing shingles

  1. Energy efficiency

The hot season of the year is an excellent time to showcase our swimming apparel outdoors, but the indoors is a whole different case. If your roofing shingles can’t reflect the sun’s radiation, your home may be very uncomfortable. In turn, you will have to overuse your HVAC system, resulting in a high electric bill. The right roofing shingle should reflect heat instead of absorbing it for a cooler home.

  1. Resistance to wind

Storms and hurricanes can threaten your roofing system. Therefore, roofing shingles should be able to withstand strong winds. Shingles have a varying wind-resistance rate from Class D, the lowest to Class H, the highest. Earning a Class H rating isn’t so hard with a proper installation and a little support from bonds and fasteners. The best roofing materials should remain compact even with winds of up to 150 mph.

  1. Versatility

Roofing materials should feature varying shapes and angles to work with all types of roofs, regardless of how complex or large they are. They should also come in various colors to enable homeowners to pick the proper shade that matches their exterior colors.

  1. Impact resistance

Check the underside of the shingle to find out its impact-resistance rating. Shingles can have a rate of 1 to 4, with the best at the Class 4 rating. They can resist any impact caused by debris, hail, and storms, minimizing the roof repairs from adverse weather elements. Hailstorms can form up to a diameter of five inches with speeds of 90 miles an hour. A good roofing shingle can earn you a discount on your homeowners’ insurance premium. It also helps secure your home from water damage during storms.

  1. Algae resistance

Algae may not damage your siding or roofing directly but affect the aesthetics of your roof. The best roofing materials should be algae-resistant with fewer discoloration tendencies. These are shingles with a certain percentage of copper granules, which may be approximately 10%.

  1. Fire resistance

Did you know that the most susceptible part of our homes in case of a fire is our roofing systems? Based on the materials used during construction, shingles with a Class A rating (mainly fiberglass) will resist fire effectively, cushioning you from costly damages. Class B and C feature minor fire-resistant qualities. Wood shingles fall on Class C.

  1. Sound protection

A high-quality roofing shingle should insulate sound due to its composition, safeguarding the home from external noises like heavy downpours and hails.

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