It’s all about the aesthetics of your roofing system until it’s time for replacements and repairs. But that makes a lot of sense; your roof can make or break the entire outlook of your house. Orlando is nothing short of luxurious accommodations, white sand beaches, and fun theme parks, but that’s what you will focus on if you are on holiday. Living there is a whole different story. You not only need the best-designed house but one that can stand up to the weather elements like the once-in-a-while storms. The generous sunshine is also a thing to worry about regarding energy efficiency. Searching for  roofing supply in Orlando? Here are the roofing styles to know!


Perfect Roofing Styles For Your Roofing Supply In Orlando!

While taking hints from your neighborhood is a great place to start, consider the styles below:

  • Gable Roof

Talk of suburban homes, and the gable roof doesn’t fall far from them. Typically, it’s a pitched triangular roof and is one side down with the other side up. It is compatible with most roofing materials unless there are hips and valleys, where you should use metal shingles to prevent leaks. It provides space for an attic and more ventilation. Besides, it is cost-effective and simple to build. However, the frames need expert construction to prevent a collapse.

  • Hip Roof

The second style that comes after the gable roof in popularity is the hip roof. It features four sides, with two triangular and the other two trapezoids. With equal lengths, all the sides slope downwards to the wall. It is suitable for windy areas while accommodating extra living space. As any material is ideal, contemplate the simple hip, crossed hip, or half-hipped roof, and find the best roof supplier. However, the valleys need to be well-installed to avoid water leaks.

  • Mansard Roof

The design made by architect Francois Mansart is not going away anytime soon. Also called the French roof, it features a double slope on every side. These sides are designed to meet a flat top to form a low-pitched roof. They are flexible for future additions and allow for extra living space. Its silhouettes can vary from concave, convex, or straight angles. While a simple mansard is affordable, a typical mansard can be quite costly.

  • Shed Roof

If you would like to go the extra mile and embrace a modern look with your roofing in Orlando, the shed roof may be perfect. It has a single sloping roof connected to a taller wall. There is no adjoining roof, so the installation can be done on an independent building or leaned into an existing one if you like. In the past, they have been a great home addition, but homeowners are now considering it for the entire roofing system. They are perfect for PV solar panels and suitable for rainy seasons and regions. Besides, it brings in natural light and is very easy to assemble.

  • Bonnet Roof

Picture the mansard roof, and then reverse it. It comes with double slopes (the upper and lower slopes). The lower slopes are at a lesser angle than the upper ones, and as a result, it has a flat bottom and a steep top. You get a cover for your open porch, thanks to the overhanging lower slopes. Any type of roofing supplies for sale is good to go, even natural stone! The pros include extra living space for a small attic with overhanging eaves offering protection from water damage.

Looking for a roofing supply in Orlando? Roofs are a significant part of every home, and as such, extra care must be taken into the supplies as well as the roofing style for durability, extra living space, and, of course, your preferences. At the same time, no one understands the value of quality roofing materials like SYL Roofing Supply!