Many people do not know the details behind roofing because there is a lot that goes into it. Shingles, tiles, and other roofing materials are just the beginning because your roof has many layers, so your home can stay fully protected at all times. There is something that goes underneath the roofing materials that you know about called an underlayment. This layer is right below the shingles, tiles, or other roofing material people have on their homes. SYL Roofing Supply talks about synthetic vs. traditional felt roofing underlayment so you can learn the differences and more about the roofing process for homes in general. Our team does roofing work throughout Orlando, and Tampa, which means we have plenty of skills and knowledge when comparing asphalt felt and synthetic underlayments. There are many differences between these two underlayments, but either way, it is essential to have an underlayment in your home. Does this answer the question is roof underlayment necessary?


Synthetic Vs. Traditional Felt Roofing Underlayment

You might be asking yourself, is synthetic roof underlayment better? The truth is, there are pros and cons to both synthetic underlayments and felt underlayments. The pros that come with synthetic underlayments are it is easy to install, which makes the process shorter. It is also safe to install and repels any annoying water. Synthetic underlayment is also durable. The cons include that it is expensive, which is not always attractive to homeowners who are looking for the cheapest option. In terms of felt underlayment, the pro is that it is much more affordable and still does the job, so homeowners do not have to spend as much and budget as intensely. The cons of felt underlayment are that it can tear easily, it is not water repellent, and it is rather heavy so more difficult to install. It is also very slippery which does not make it as safe as synthetic underlayment. Plus, there is not as much material on each roll because of the material’s initial hefty weight.


Both Options Work

Now that you know the main differences between synthetic and felt underlayment, it is up to you to determine which material will suit your home and your lifestyle better. Either way, your roof will be protected because both options work. There are certainly downsides to both options but advantages to both, so it is all about what works for you.


More About Roofing 

Underlayments are just the beginning of what goes into the roofing process. No matter what kind of roof your home needs, there are a lot of details behind it. That is why you need a reliable team of experts, like us, to install your roof at any time. We will finish your roofing job efficiently with amazing long-lasting results which are what every homeowner deserves.


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