If you’re reading this, we’re going to assume that you’re about to build or repair your roof. For your roof-building project, you’ll need quality roof materials. Most importantly, you need a roof supply depot that sells premium roof materials at warehouse prices in Tampa and Winter Garden, FL.

Picking your roofing materials is an essential part of your roof project. You need to pick only the best materials for your home. Otherwise, you’ll risk expensive repairs and multiple trips to the roof supply store.

Luckily, picking your roofing materials can be as simple as typing “roof supply near me.” By following our guide to roof material selection, not only will your roof project go smoothly; you’ll also be saving money as you beautify one of the most important parts of any house in Florida.

Read on to find out the dos and don’ts of roof material selection.

How To Select Roof Materials

Let’s start with the dos of roof material selection. We’ll begin with a step most homeowners forget when they head to their local roof supply store.

DO Inspect Your Roof or Get It Inspected

Roof material selection should begin with an inspection of your roof. Why? For you to select the right roof supplies, you need to know the extent of damage sustained by your roof. You can check your roof for damages yourself or get it inspected.

By knowing the true damage to your roof, you can determine if you need our architectural shingles or some of our synthetic roof underlayments.

DO Consider Florida’s Typical Weather Conditions

There’s nothing wrong with choosing a roofing material for aesthetic reasons. We’ll get to this later. However, between function and aesthetics, the former must take precedence. With this in mind, you must select a material that holds up to Florida’s heat and rainstorms.

To make your selection process easier, you need to look up “roof supply near me.” This way, you’ll learn about roof supply stores in Florida that can provide you with roof supplies for the state’s average weather conditions.

You can do that or reach out to us at SYL Roofing Supply for a free estimate and roof material consultation.

DO Pick a Roof Material That Looks Great on Your Home

Of course, your roof materials should also match your home’s overall aesthetic. Now, we understand — striking the perfect balance between function and aesthetics is tricky. For this reason, we offer homeowners and contractors our award-winning architectural shingles.

Architectural shingles not only protect your home from the elements; they’re also superior to three-tab shingles in durability and aesthetics. With our architectural shingles on your roof, your home’s appearance will improve — and so will its curb appeal.

What Not To Do When You Select Roof Materials

Now that we’ve covered the dos of proper roof material selection, let’s talk about the don’ts.

DON’T Equate “Cheap” With “Cost-effective”

Sets of ordinary three-tab shingles may seem like affordable alternatives to architectural shingles. However, if you happen to buy low-priced shingles, you may be compromising your roof and your home.

Low-quality shingles can break and chip. With Florida’s average weather conditions, you can expect wear and tear damage to accumulate at a quicker rate. As a result, you’ll be replacing them more frequently.

Now, we acknowledge that high-quality shingles come at a higher cost. However, we’ve got good news for you.

Our architectural shingles are some of the most affordable in Tampa and Orlando. For an affordable price, you can have beautiful and long-lasting architectural shingles. We’ll even throw in a free delivery service. Reach out now for a free quote.

DON’T Ignore Your Homeowners’ Association Policies on Roofs

Various neighborhoods in Tampa and Orlando are under the governance of their respective homeowners’ associations (HOAs). HOAs implement rules that encompass everything from fees to your roofing materials.

Before you call us for an estimate of our roofing supplies and delivery services, be familiar with your HOA’s rules on roofing. After all, the last thing you want is to replace your roof with our quality shingles only to break one of your HOA’s roofing rules.

DON’T Forget To Ask for an Estimate

Have you chosen your roof materials? Once you have, make things easier for yourself by asking for a quote.

Asking for a quote does two things. First, it can give you an idea of how much your roofing project will cost. Second, it protects you from hidden charges that can appear without an estimate.

If you’re asking for a quote, choose a company that gives one for free. We offer free estimates with no hidden charges. This way, you’ll pay only what appears on our estimate and nothing more.

Get on Top of Your Roofing Project With the Right Roof Materials From SYL Roof Supply

Roof material selection is easy once you’ve reached out to a trusted Tampa and Orlando-based roof supply store. If you’ve got a roofing project and need materials for it, reach out to us for a free no-obligation quote.