Also referred to as a torch on the roof, the torch down roofing underlayment is common for slightly sloped or flat roofs. It consists of modified bitumen membranes applied using a propane torch. This makes the torch down roofing watertight and a great choice where water causes severe damage on the roof. A product that SYL Roofing Supply specializes in.

What Is Torch Down Roofing?

Touchdown is a rubberized membrane improved with an APP weatherized asphalt to provide waterproofing qualities. The membrane has a non-woven polyester mat, is strong and durable. It comes in smooth, granulated sheets and weighs less than 2 pounds per square. The sheets come in different colors and are Energy-Star rated.

They are ideal for re-roofing or recovering. The cool colors reflect sun rays keeping your home cooler and help you save on costly energy bills.

What is Torch on Roofing, and why use it?

The torch down roofing is made of two layers of bitumen melted together using a torch. The roof is resistant to UV rays and serves as a waterproof barrier.

They are mainly used for flat roofs where rain, ice, or snow quickly collects and sits for extended periods.

Why use Torch Down Roofing?


The torch down roofing material is water-resistant, resistant to punctures, ultraviolet rays, and other damages. It requires minimal repairs and can last up to 20 years.


The rubbery additives in the roofing material allow it to expand and contract in extreme heat and cold. This makes it ideal for low-slope or flat roofs.

Energy efficient

The roof protects against heat and UV rays. This helps lower your cooling bill during hot weather.


The heat-sealed seams and ultra-water proof membrane make the torch down roofing one of the most highly water-resistant roof systems. The roof prevents water from collecting and pooling on the roof and facilitates drainage. It also protects structures from damage caused by snow buildup.

Fire resistant

The granulated cap layer is highly fire-resistant.

Easy repairs

Repairing a torch down the roof is easy since the material can roll and be sealed quickly compared to other roofing materials.

What Goes Under the Torch Down Roofing?

The sheets of torch down roofing consist of numerous membranes stacked and adhered together. The membranes include:

A thermo-infused film, modified bitumen, reinforced polyester, modified bitumen, and then granulated mineral surface for the third layer.

Torch Down Roofing Underlayment

First, the insulation layer is applied depending on the type of roof of your home. Then, a layer of vapor barrier is put over it. Next, the overlay boards are placed to provide a surface for the torch down roofing membranes to adhere to. The base sheet is the first layer of the torch down membrane material. It is attached to the overlying boards using heat-infused methods or adhesives. Then a sheet cap is rolled over the base sheet. Heat is applied using a torch to fuse the base and the cap. This fusion is responsible for providing a watertight seal for the roof.

A third layer may be added in case of a three-layered torch down roof.

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The torch down roofing underlayment is ideal for slightly pitched roofs where the owner aims for durability and a long-lasting roof that can resist elements.