According to weather trends in Florida, Florida experiences a good amount of sunshine all year round, adding up to about 2,930 hours. This indicates that the state is primarily sub-tropical, with hot summers and mild winters.

Summers in Florida can get hot, with temperatures ranging between 31 degrees celsius to 33 degrees celsius. These temperatures can rise up to 38 degrees, which is quite uncomfortable.

Air conditioning in homes and buildings comes in handy for days when the heat and humidity run too high.

Florida local weather can get to extremes, especially in the summers. Even with the sun in the sunshine state, the Miami summers have wind gusts and thunderstorms. Weather trends show that Florida is prone to more severe weather disasters like hurricanes and tornadoes.

The intrusions of air during Florida winters and spring seasons cause aggressive tornadoes that can be dangerous or fatal. During a hurricane, storm surges can be dangerous to people living near the beach.

If you live in Florida, you have to ensure that your home is safe for you and your family during a hurricane or tornado.


How To Keep Your Home Hurricane-safe In Florida Weather

Choose The Right Roofing 

The roof is the most vulnerable part of your house during a hurricane. The strong winds can blow up a weak roof, leaving you and your family exposed. Metal roofing can withstand the high impact of wind and keep you and your family safe.


Which Is The Best Metal Roofing For A Hurricane Prone Area?

A stone–coated steel roofing is the best metal roofing for you if you live in Florida. It is resistant to any damage caused by strong winds, for a place that frequently experiences wind gusts and hurricanes.

It can also withstand the impact of solid debris from hail storms and hurricanes. Nothing can pass through it or break through the stone-coated steel roofing.

It can guarantee protection from winds of up to 140mph, which means they are strong.

The steel roof is durable since it can withstand extreme Florida weather, strong winds, and hurricanes.

You can get the best metal roofing from Florida’s trusted store; SYL Roofing Supply.


High Impact Windows

These winds are great for hurricane-prone areas like Florida. Be sure to confirm that the windows are made of impact-resistant glass before you move into a house in Florida.

This is solid glass that can withstand strong winds, and during a hurricane, when things are flying around, this glass cannot break; therefore, nothing can pass through it into your home.


Use Fiberglass Doors

Fiberglass is hurricane-resistant since it is very strong, and when things are thrown at them in the strong winds and the hurricane, it does not even crack. This door can ensure you are safe when the weather gets extreme.


Metal Door For Your Garage

A metal door, particularly A steel door, will withstand a hurricane because steel is very strong. With a steel door, you can be sure to be safe in Florida’s weather.