Are you planning on revamping your home and getting a new roof installed? Whether you’re planning to do it on your own or get a professional contractor to do it for you, it’s important to make sure that the job is done right. Here are some key factors you need to consider to see if the roof installation is completed well. 

Choice of Roof Materials

The first thing to consider when checking the quality of your roof is the materials being used. For example, if your home follows a more traditional design, you may want to choose tiles or slate. On the other hand, if you have a more modern design, the best choice could be metal, asphalt, or wood. 

Choosing the best materials is always the starting point of a good roof installation job. It’s important to keep this in mind when undertaking such a project. 

Installment of the Right Shingles

As one of the more common materials, many contractors across the country utilize asphalt shingles in roof installation projects, especially in modern architecture. But while they’re widely used and available in the market, not everyone is knowledgeable or experienced in installing them correctly. 

When installed improperly, shingles can increase the risk of your roof developing cracks and leaks, which can lead to exorbitant repair bills. That’s why it’s crucial to pinpoint incorrect installation so you can remedy the situation as early as possible. 

To spot minor problems, make sure to pay close attention to overlapped layers. As much as possible, there should be no gaps between the columns of shingles to avoid significant damages to the roof. Besides this, you also need to keep a lookout for misaligned shingles. Should you find any crooked edges or off alignments, try to act immediately and reposition them vertically. 

Strategic Placement of Nails

Even if the installation of the shingles may seem correct on the surface, try to take a closer look at the placement of the nails. Nails play an integral role in securing the shingles in place and preventing problems down the line. 

If done incorrectly, the shingles can come loose and negatively affect the integrity of your roof. Likewise, it can also increase the risk of turning your nails rusty, thereby creating water leaks that can penetrate into your home. 

To ensure that your nails are placed in strategic locations, you can get an expert to help you out. After all, this task requires expert knowledge on the right placements and proper techniques. While some contractors still nail asphalt shingles by hand, others are equipped with machines to perform the task more efficiently and effectively. In any case, it’s a sign of a high-quality job if the shingles are anchored securely and properly. 

Proper Underlayment

If you live in a state that’s prone to extreme winter, you may also want to install an underlayment on your roof. This is a protective layer placed between the shingles and the sheathing to prevent snow or ice from penetrating your roof, especially once the snow melts. Depending on how harsh your winter gets, a professional contractor may opt to double the layers of underlayment to add extra protection. 

Since an underlayment is hidden underneath the shingles, it’s hard to tell just by observation. The best course of action is to consult your contractor and inquire about the use of proper underlayment on your roof. Failure to add this barrier can lead to damages in your home’s structure. 

Energy Efficiency

On the flip side, if you live in a state where summers can get hotter than usual, it’s best to consult your contractor or roofing expert regarding the right roofing materials that can protect your home against harmful UV rays. 

One of the best options to explore is terracotta tile if you’re looking to add a protective layer on your roof and enhance energy efficiency. This material grants airflow and superb heat absorption properties to minimize the amount of heat that enters your home. Find terracotta tiles by searching for “roof supply near me.”

Clean Job Site

At the end of the day, you will know it’s a good roof installation if the job site is free of clutter. All debris should be removed from the property and the equipment stored in their proper locations. Additionally, there shouldn’t be any pieces scattered on the ground or surrounding trees. 

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