Many people pay no attention to the drip edge on their roof because they do not know what it is. Are you here to learn “what is drip edge on your roof? (why you need it, cost, & more).” This article is a guide to drip edges for shingle roofs! It highlights why every homeowner should have a drip edge, the cost, and other vital factors. If you want the drip edge installed, contact professional suppliers at SYL Roofing Supply today!

What Is Drip Edge On Your Roof? (Why You Need It, Cost, & More)

What is a drip edge on a roof? The metal flashing placed by roofers at the end of a roof is known as the drip edge. Roofers install a drip edge to keep moisture off the fascia and underneath roofing parts. If you do not install a drip edge, moisture will damage your roof decking and fascia. So when a homeowner is considering a new roof, they have to think about the drip edge.

Sadly, some contractors will deliberately leave the installation of drip edge off your quote to lower the price. You can prevent this by knowing what you have in your quote. So, when a contractor promises to offer a competitive price, pause and ask if drip edges will be part of his estimates. Apart from the concerns about the price, be sure that the installer will abide by the building code.

How Much Does A Drip Edge Cost?

The ideal aluminum drip edge will cost about $2 per foot. This amount captures the cost of installation. If you are opting for copper or steel, you will spend more! Also, note that the professionals you hire can significantly influence your price and other roofing materials you use. Every contractor has varying labor and overhead costs. So, based on the contractor labor cost, you can expect to pay more than $2 per foot.

Other Vital Information About Roofing Materials

It is now clear what the drip edge is, and you’ve found the answer to “does my roof need a drip edge?” But, there is more to learn! Drip edge is not just a vital component of a roof. It is also what inspectors assess during a roof inspection. Therefore, if you have discovered that you did not have a drip edge, and you want to install it now, an excellent roofing contractor is a requisite!

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