Of the many types of shingles available, two often get grouped. On the one hand, there are architectural shingles, and on the other are three-tab shingles, otherwise called “regular shingles”.

Many homeowners and new contractors are quick to confuse the two due to the similarities in appearance and function. However, be warned — if you make this mistake, you might not have the roof you want, nor will you have a roof that keeps leaks and grimacing gazes away.

Roof materials are critical investments. For this reason, you need to choose the right material and get it from a high-quality roof supply store.

We’ll walk you through what separates architectural shingles from regular shingles and vice versa. By the end of this article, you’ll have a better idea of which shingles to choose before you look up “roof supply near me.”.

Material and Composition

If there’s one thing three-tab and architectural shingles have in common, it’s the material. Both types of shingles feature asphalt-based construction, particularly on the exterior side.

An adhesive mid-layer holds the asphalt and backing materials of these shingles together. At times, you’ll even find fiberglass granules on the rears of both types of shingles.

Where architectural and three-tab shingles differ is the amount of material that goes into each. Regular shingles have a single layer of asphalt atop the adhesive mid-layer; the result of the single-layer asphalt is a thinner and more compact roofing material.

Architectural shingles, on the other hand, have at least two layers of asphalt covering the adhesive layer. As a result, architectural shingles are famous for their durability.


As mentioned earlier, regular shingles are a thinner roofing material with less asphalt than architectural shingles. The thinner construction makes regular shingles cheaper than architectural shingles, so they’re often a go-to option for homeowners or contractors who want to cut construction costs.

Architectural shingles are often pricier. However, with their multi-layer asphalt construction comes better durability. Hence, you’ll get more years out of your architectural shingles if you live in a high-temperature area like Tampa, Florida.

Don’t let the price keep you from selecting architectural roof shingles. We offer these and many other types of shingles and roof materials at roof supply warehouse prices. Check out our high-quality and affordable architectural shingles today.


Regular shingles are about as barebones as you can get. By barebones, we mean both in function and — most importantly — in aesthetic value.

Indeed, regular shingles will get the job done if all you need is an added layer to your roof. However, if you’re looking for more curb appeal, choose architectural shingles.

Due to their construction, architectural shingles have a more voluminous look. As a result, these shingles can give the illusion of a taller house. Also, architectural shingles aren’t just flat like three-tab shingles; we at SYL Roofing Supply offer them in various shapes and sizes to fit the desired aesthetic for your home.

At SYL Roofing Supply, we also offer architectural shingles in various shades and tones. You can opt for a single-color bundle or a polychromatic bundle.
Whatever tickles your visual fancy, we’ve got them at SYL Roofing Supply.


As a homeowner or contractor in Florida, you’ll often have to choose between economy and function. Throw in beauty, and your decision-making process can become more challenging.

Different types of shingles all have their own unique selling points. However, we at SYL Roofing Supply believe that when in doubt, clients should go with architectural shingles.

Architectural shingles aren’t only a beautiful embellishment to your roof; due to their construction, architectural shingles guarantee maximum weather-proof protection for your home. They also last longer, meaning that you won’t have to pay for replacements for a long time.

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