Let’s say you’ve decided to jump on the clean energy bandwagon. In your pursuit of clean and sustainable energy, you’ve opted to get rooftop solar panels for your home. 

The good news is that rooftop solar panels are legal in Florida, so legalities are one less thing for you to worry about. 

You do, however, need to double-check the part of your home your solar panels are going on — your roof. 

At SYL Roofing, we can’t think of a better way to get renewable and cost-effective electricity in the Sunshine State. Nevertheless, we do want to let you in on a few roofing considerations before carrying out your rooftop solar panel installation project. 

Sit back, stop Googling “roof supply near me,” and read our definitive guide on what to consider before you install solar panels on your roof. 

You Need Sufficient Roof Space

Here’s something most homeowners fail to consider — solar energy harvesting is space-intensive. 

What we mean by this is that for solar panels to generate the amount of energy you need, you need a lot of them. By “a lot,” we mean as many solar panels as your roof can handle.

Before you consider solar panels, ensure that you’ve got enough space on your roof to accommodate several solar panels. The more you have, the better. Of course, a lot of solar panels will also entail added load to your roof. 

This brings us to the next must-know piece of information before setting up your rooftop solar panels. 

Your Roof Needs To Be in Tip-top Shape

How old is your roof? The older it is, the more likely it is to collapse under load. If you’ve had it for half a decade or more, it’s always a good idea to have its roof materials changed or repaired. 

If you notice any cracks from inside your home, you may need roof materials like synthetic underlayments. Underlayments will make up the first layer of your roof. By being the base layer, underlayments will serve as a layer of support for roof materials and — of course — your solar panels. 

Our roof underlayments consist of synthetic materials that are guaranteed to keep your roof sturdy enough to hold your solar panels. As a bonus, our underlayments make your roof long-lasting and weatherproof. 

Check out our synthetic felt underlayments or reach out for a free material estimate. 

Your Roof’s Shingles Can Mean the Difference Between an Easy and Challenging Solar Panel Installation

Underlayments take care of your roof’s overall longevity. However, they go underneath your roof. Your roof’s surface is where your solar panels will go on. This means you must ensure that your roof’s shingles are in perfect condition. Otherwise, your solar panel installation will be more challenging than you projected it to be. 

Damaged shingles can create uneven and fragile surfaces. Anchor your solar panels on any dilapidated panel of shingles, and your solar panels may fall off due to high winds.

To prevent this from happening, have new shingles in place before your solar panel installation project. If you’re looking for durable shingles that withstand everything nature throws, choose from any of our architectural shingles. 

Our architectural shingles boast quality multi-layer construction, guaranteed to hold up for years. Choose from our selection of durable architectural shingles and reach out to see how much you’ll need for your project. 

You Might Need New Roofing Components

Once installed, solar panels can change the way water trickles down your roof. Solar panels are smooth surfaces that water can move easily on. With this in mind, prepare for more surface run-off. 

Unless you already have gutters in place, you’ll need new drip edges to direct the flow of water. If you’re in search of the perfect drip edges and flashings, check out our services.

Our edges and roof flashings consist of pre-bent metals capable of weathering even the strongest of downpours. With our roofing components, your roof deck will stay in tip-top condition even against large amounts of rainfall — and so will your solar panels.

Get a glimpse of our superior-quality drip edges, L-flashings, and metallic roof components that will keep your panels in place and water off your roof.

Turn Your Roof into a Solar-harvesting Surface With SYL Roofing Supply

Whether it’s a solar panel installation project or a beautification project, SYL Roofing Supply has you covered. 

We supply premium quality materials that come with fast and reliable on-site delivery. Whatever roofing materials you need, we have them in store at wholesale prices. We’ll even throw in quick delivery wherever you are in Orlando and Tampa.

Take advantage of our quick deliveries and warehouse prices the same way you take advantage of the sun in the Sunshine State. Contact us at SYL Roofing Supply for a free materials estimate in Tampa and Orlando.