CertainTeed Shingles is currently the most used roofing shingle brand in the US. From residential homeowners to wholesale roof shingles, most people agree that this particular brand is high quality and almost nears that of fiberglass brands.

It is actually described as a reinforced mat for fiberglass and one that can be used as an asphalt composition shingle base.

When you search for “wholesale shingles near me,” you will find that CertainTeed shingles are the most famous, and there is a wide selection of them, including mid-grade architectural, landmark PROS line, dimensional shingles, luxury shingles, strip shingles, and basic 3-tab shingles.

The most used product however is the Landmark PROS line. The traditional architecture shingle is designed to look fuller and much more dimensional.


History of CertainTeed Roofing

CertainTeed Roofing started in around 1904, and it was known as the premier and most popular brand for asphalt shingles for many years. Currently, they are operating in more than 60 facilities all over Canada and the US, and all you have to do is find roofing shingles wholesale, and you will find a seller.

They are extremely popular and one of the main reasons is that they are a heavyweight brand and contain more asphalt compared to other brands. They weigh around 200 lbs. per square meter.

Benefits of CertainTeed Shingles

The benefits of using CertainTeed shingles include:


Selection of luxury shingles

They are actually known to have the best selection of luxury shingles in the entire roofing industry. As a top manufacturer, their luxury lines such as Belmont, Arcadia Shake, Grand Manor, Presidential Shake, and Carriage House are the most sought-after wholesale roofing shingles.


Three durable layers

The Triple-Laminate or the Three-layer brand are the actual lines of shingles in premium quality. They are known for their longevity, durability, and visual dimensionality.

These added layers provide a more elevated profile that looks like a shake or a wood shingle. The other versions like Landmark TL, Presidential Shake, Presidential Solaris TL, and Landmark Solaris TL are also popular.


Mid-grade dimensional shingle and 3-tab options

If you are searching for wholesale roof shingles, you should know that these versions provide you with plenty of options when it comes to color. In fact, the XT 25 comes in more than 30 different colors while the XT 30 comes in 9 colors.

The Landmark is available in 30 colors. These are great options.


They are durable

These are some of the heaviest shingle brands and are known for their durability. Their lines feature a Class A fire rating. This is the highest rating for asphalt roofing shingles.



The CertainTeed shingles come with an extended warranty covering the entire life of the roof and workmanship. In fact, when want to sell your home, you are assured that buyers will know of the warranty, which remains in effect.